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  • 01/11/15--12:06: Second Chances
  • Another chance at life. A second chance at love.

    Recently widowed Camilla is moving to a new apartment, leaving her home of seventeen years to begin life as a single woman once more. She shares a moment of connection with handsome young moving man Ryan, which leads to an unexpected passionate encounter. In one erotically charged evening, everything changes and Camilla awakens to new possibilities in her life.

    Note: This is a short story formerly released as “Moving On” in an anthology titled Prime Passions.… Read more »

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  • 01/14/15--11:52: Dangerous Passion
  • Gina Torrio is trying to break her addiction to bad boys with wounded spirits and dysfunctional pasts. Micah Wyatt is a flirt and a player, a little naughty but with no real harm in him. Gina thinks they might have a simple, no-strings fling without endangering her heart. But as animal attraction and flirtatious friendship blossom into sincere affection, neither Gina nor Micah knows how to deal with the depth of feeling growing between them.

    Micah prides himself on keeping women at a distance. For the first time, he wants to draw one close and never let her go. In … Read more »

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  • 01/15/15--12:06: First Love
  • First love, forbidden love.

    Summer 1956. Rachael and Joe are from different worlds though they live on neighboring farms. She is Amish and her people live a plain life apart from the community. When she is harassed in town one day, Joe steps in to help her. A conversation makes them realize they share the same desire to experience more of the world.

    Joe offers to secretly squire Rachael to the drive-in movie and soon their friendship deepens to something more. But how can a summer romance last when the lovers must bridge an impossible gulf? One fateful night their … Read more »

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  • 01/16/15--12:10: Four Kisses
  • Unforgettable moments shape a romance that could last a lifetime.

    Jen Adam’s first kiss didn’t happen the way she’d expected. On a steamy summer’s day, a shared moment with a boy from the wrong side of town leaves an indelible impression on a thirteen year old girl. But that’s only the first time Jen and Drake Malinson’s paths cross unexpectedly.

    The night of junior prom Jen bumps into an older, sexier and wilder Drake, who distracts and mesmerizes her, turning a disastrous evening into one she’ll always remember.

    When they meet again as adults under unusual circumstances, Jen tries to … Read more »

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  • 02/20/15--11:45: Guarded Passion
  • A struggling single mother.
    Rianna Cutter strips to survive. It’s the best paying gig for a young woman with little education and puts a roof over her child’s head and food on the table. Working toward a better life for her son, she has no time or energy for love.

    A tough criminal businessman.
    Jonah Wyatt is ready to make a big change, moving away from his successful pot growing business into a legitimate enterprise. He’s all business all the time and has no interest in finding love he doubts even exists.

    Could love be more unexpected?
    Their first interaction … Read more »

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  • 03/20/15--10:38: Committed Passion
  • The Wyatt brothers and their special ladies are back to celebrate a wedding in a final novella.

    If you enjoyed Leah and J.D.’s story in Blind Passion but wanted to see how they worked out some of their issues, Committed Passion is for you.

    If you’re a fan of Gina and Micah, who bicker and banter but fall in love by the end of Dangerous Passion, here’s a chance to learn more about how they settle into each others lives.

    Or if Jonah and Rianna’s pussyfooting around love in Guarded Passion intrigued you, they’re back and contemplating lifetime commitment.

    Three … Read more »

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  • 04/29/15--06:19: Summer Break
  • It’s the summer after high school graduation. Rich kids plan for college. Poor kids like Eric, struggle to survive and wonder how to improve their lives. While his best friend, Josh, is off at a Young Leaders convention, Eric’s long-held passion for Josh’s girlfriend, Brianne, ignites.

     Their summer sizzles for an incandescent moment — until Josh returns. The three must figure out if they can resolve their conflict and save their friendship before going their separate ways. And Eric must find the will to make a change in his future.

     Warnings: cheating, explicit sex, and a ménage scene.

     Story previously Read more »

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  • 04/17/17--11:39: Caring for Riggs
  • Love dogs and smoking hot men? The Love Off Leash series is for you. Different authors. Unrelated stories. Shared theme of new love and pets.

    Love, loss and finding a forever home.

    After years abroad, Kyle Skelton returns to Chicago to plan his grandfather’s funeral. Weighed down by guilt about neglecting the prickly old man who once looked after him, Kyle is determined to find a good home for Gramps’s senior dog. The last thing he needs as he confronts his complicated past is the distraction of the handsome next door neighbor who’s been taking care of Riggs.

    Darrell Baines … Read more »

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  • 05/11/17--07:44: Hot Under the Collar
  • by Summer Devon for Love Unleashed series

    Love dogs and smoking hot men? The Love Off Leash series is for you. Different authors. Unrelated stories. Shared theme of new love and pets.

    Attorney Sam Trevisani never thought he’d play the bad guy, but now his job makes him the enemy of every dog owner in town—and whenever he meets his main opponent, Dan Bailey, the vet gives him the evil eye. Tired of playing for the wrong side, Sam has to find a solution. Maybe the tempting Dr. Bailey can help him find a solution for his restless need for … Read more »

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  • 07/26/17--07:14: The Summer of ’77
  • It’s the last summer before high school, and Rachel Walsh is tired of being the “good girl.” During a late-night bike ride back from a forbidden party, she sees a shadowy man dumping a tarp-wrapped bundle in a roadside ditch. When she returns to investigate the next day, the bundle is gone. The news soon reports a pattern of missing girls and Rachel is haunted by the fear she witnessed the bitter end of one of them.

    After confiding in her coworker Carl, a scifi nerd who may have a crush on her, Rachel discovers a clue that shines a … Read more »

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  • 08/04/14--17:39: New Life – Two Volume Set
  • For the first time paired in a boxed set, both New Life and New Year.


    Since the car accident that caused traumatic brain injury, Jason has fought to regain his memories and the ability to organize thoughts and control emotions. His promising future shattered, he works as a night janitor in an office building and clings to routine to make it through his days.

    New lawyer Anna breaks down one evening after fumbling her first court case. Self-doubt brings her to tears in a deserted stairwell where Jason finds her and offers comforting words. From this unexpected … Read more »

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  • 12/26/14--11:45: Blind Passion
  • Through personal darkness, two strangers find their way to each other.

    Leah Schaeffer has come a long way since an accident took her sight. She’s finally ready for independence, but convincing her wealthy parents she’ll be safe on her own isn’t easy. The first night in her own place at last, she encounters her neighbor with the midnight velvet voice and her world shifts again.

    Since finishing a military tour, J.D. Wyatt has struggled both financially and emotionally. When Leah’s parents hire him to act as her bodyguard, he seizes the opportunity. The catch—she can’t know she’s being followed. As … Read more »